Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Did You See it?

Yep, last night, 9 PM pacific was my national TV debut and ummmmm my layout was on TV the entire Purple Cows segment, BUT it was under the graphics that they put on the screen letting you know the price and item number! But it was there, I swear! I did get a glimpse of it for like half a second and I couldn't put my finger on it, but something seemed off... I found out today that the HSN folks didn't have all their ducks in a row and forgot to obtain duplicate pics for their legal needs. I did sign a release for the photos... Oh , so since there was a misunderstanding they covered all the people pictures on the lay outs with animals!! That explains the golden retriever running around my head!
I think Vennita did a great job with the Purple Cows paper cutter, she is out coordinator and works for the company. I knew that Anna Griffin was going to be there with her so i jokingly (sort of) sent Vennita a message about asking Anna to become product partners with us....well she asked and there may be some product trading going on! I hope so, I love Anna's classic designs and her florals are to die for.
This is my first lay out using photos from my Fuji Instax camera. Super fun camera that works just like the old polaroids...but these pictures come out the same size as credit card. Is the film still expensive? Yep. but I thought it would be fun. I am figuring out what the best lighting situations are to use it. I used some Maya Mist here, I think the color is called Blueberry, it is a very pretty dark blue with a bit of silver shimmer. Mists are fun to play with, but they can be unpredictable and that drives me crazy!
More HSN in 15 minutes! 4PM pacific, 7 PM eastern!!!!!


Lindalou said...

How exciting for you. Too bad it got messed up. It's so hard to get those darn ducks to line up.

Lexi said...

would you believe it if I told you one of the first pics I took with my instax was of the boys in the tub?!!? CARZY!!!

laterg8r said...

sorry they made you into an animal but still very cool :D

Mireille said...

cool cool!
wished I could see stuff like that in Holland!