Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Can't Seem to Get Enough of Blue-Green

Pebbles Inc. is releasing 3 fabulous new lines and I wanted to show you a snippet of my favorite "Treehouse" features fun little birds and the lovely colors you see above...I already adore the prints....dots....grids...leaves...so pleasing to my eyes! And it gets better! All three new lines are complete with .....
letter stickers!
rub ons!
epoxy brads!
glitter candy dots!
I've been busy stamping. I even got crazy and embossed! One of my favorite Pink Persimmon stamps is this guy right here...

Did you know that he has other jacket choices? Uh huh, he has a houndstooth ensemble and even an argyle number, oh, and a sweet bow can be added to his collar. Over on the Pink Persimmon web site I give some tips on stamping with Pink Persimmon stamps. There is a sale on some favorite love themed stamps until the end of Jan. And don't forget to check out the Pink Persimmon blog, all week the pink bakery boxes are being featured and they are the cutest way to package up a little somethin' somethin' for your someone especial.

I also used some pretty Elle's Studio circle tags and Divine twine that comes in fun colors.
I colored my birdies in with my new collection of Copic markers......I am definitely at the beginning of this learning process! Have you tried them? I said I wasn't going to get started on them, thought I was fine with my watercolor pencils...but I just don't know what happened, I needed these markers. They are fun to blend.

I got my husband to paint my little bathroom aqua and it is beee-autiful It is such a happy color. I haven't decided if I want to accent it with pink or red or both and of course white. So my bathroom is going to look like my blog, yay! I asked him if we could use the extra paint to repaint my kitchen table...is that weird? It's an antique, my great granny's and when it was past on to me it needed to be refinished and out of laziness and lack of know how I slapped a coat of butter colored paint on it. And that is looking sad these days. Can I use the same paint that I used in my bathroom on my dining table? ...............it is a pretty color...............


Chris and Paige Evans said...

"So my bathroom is going to look like my blog, yay!" - then it's going to be mighty pretty! I love your blog background! Cute cards :)

tina said...

So cute. It's one of my favorite colours, too. Love those little birds :)

tina said...

BTW I'd totally use that colour on a table! I'm going to be painting an antique china cabinet that's seen better days that colour ;) Post pictures!!!

euphoria said...

sweet blog, likin your style!

JustYolie said...

Beautiful colors!! Diggin' the birdies! LOL