Monday, June 11, 2012

Balancing it All

   The girls and their gorgeous cousins and Easter.  
I stuck those tiny bits down with one of favorite things, it is
 a fun little glue from Clearsnap called Glue Gloss.  It is 
in a lip gloss container and applies with a gloss applicator, 
I also use i with the tiny wood veneers from Studio Calico.
  I am not the greatest at doing more than one thing at a time.  My problem is that I easily get distracted and interested in other things...I am terrible at cleaning out a closet, in fact to me that will take 5 hours.  I know myself and know that something will set me off track...I will find something that has been missing and when I go to put it in its right place....something shiny will catch my eye....
So,  it was truly a major accomplishment for me to juggle a few things around here this year.  In the fall I started back to work as a teacher of kindergartners and six weeks later I was moved to another school and became a teacher of second graders.  It has been the most challenging school year of my career and the last day of school is tomorrow.
    Lily has done quite well with preschool.  We all love her teachers and she I am delighted each day as she retells her adventures to me.  She is a details kind of girl, so she always has good stories for us.
    Emma has had an amazing year in kinder, she had a pair of teachers who really know how to job share well, I loved the projects she did, love all the art and they taught her to read, YAY!
I have about a million spray mists that I feel guilty about 
not using often enough.  This pretty color is 
Piglet from Studio Calico.  Anyone out there recognize
 the cursive yellow alphas?
    While not posting as often, I have been scrapping still in love with this hobby as much as the first day.  Many of my design team appointments have expired and I have a lot less obligations than I had a few years ago.  I am working with Purple Cows, We R Memory Keepers and a little bit with May Arts.
I will always have a place in my heart for labels from Elle's Studio!  
This little flag and the journal spot are current faves.  Right now 2 out of every 3
 lay outs I make includes butterflies.
    Avery dear friend of mine whom I haven't seen much since I started work has started scrapping with a group of girlfriends, they meet up monthly and "Project Life" together.  I have been invited this week and I am dying to scrap socially!  My social life, that has been a big fail this year.  I miss my girl friends and will be better about balancing it all this summer and next year.
 We splurged on Disney passes for the girls.  Oh, here is a good tip that I will pass on to you.  If you are thinking about buying a Disney pass that has blackout days ( I bought the Southern Cal passes that had all of Spring break blacked out)  you can buy your pass on the day that is actually blacked out and still get in that day.  For example: I wanted to go to Disneyland for 2 days during spring break, but there were no Disney deals whatsoever for those weeks.  Everything was full price.  So on Day 1, we bought 2 day park hoppers at full price, on our second day we traded the park hoppers in for the So Cal passes that were actually blacked out for spring break.  Does that make sense?  If you have any questions about this, let me know...
 Did you know that We R Memory Keepers has Washi tape?  Yep, and it 
is the good kind too!  This is the lovely yellow.  It comes in a monochromatic 
2 pack and the yellow is wood grain!

Miss Lily hunting up a storm of Easter Eggs.  Next year will be different, she 
won't need her momma's help anymore.

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Jennifer said...

Samantha, these layouts are amazing! I love your use of color and the way you layer your patterned papers! And don't even get me started about the doily and wood veneer butterflies on the merry-go-round layout!!! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments -- totally made my day, not gonna lie! :)