Monday, September 12, 2011

Squares, Scallops and Stars..Oh My!

Epiphany Crafts has been hard at work. There are three brand new epoxy tools being released this month and you are going to love them! Today I have an 8.5x11 lay out featuring the square epoxy Shape Studio and I love it.. There are also silver charms that coordinate with this size, you can make jewelry charms or just add them to your pages. This tool and the other 2 new shapes are going to be featured on HSN this month! As soon as I know the ate and time I will post it here. You can also keep up to date with Epiphany Crafts by finding them on Facebook.
I used my favorite Sassafras alpha stickers and just applied them to white cardstock and then used my new Square Shape Studio tool to punch them out with the epoxies.
I have beyond crazy busy with teaching! For now I have been assigned a kindergarten class. I am on the same school schedule as my children so we will have the summer off together and that was most important to me. I will know by the end of the month if this is the class and school that I will stay in. The district has a formula for how many teachers per students at schools and currently we do not have enough primary students enrolled to keep me on staff. I do have a job, I am contracted and protected and will not lose my job, it's just a matter of where I will end up. In the meantime, my kinder class is looking sparse! I am not buying anything until I know where I will end up! I would hate to spend a bunch of money and find out on Oct. 1st that i will be teaching third grade across town. I did spend $30 on colored duct tape. I just had to tape out some rows on my awful gray carpet that the kids sit on. There was no order...they were just sitting anywhere and everywhere...I couldn't take it!
Good news, this is a wonderful class. They still need a ton of training by me, but underneath their squirmy talkative touch everyone and everything bodies, there is a respectful class that is smart and very capable.

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Theresa said...

love how you described the students in that last paragraph. made me chuckle. i'm totally interested in the new Epiphany tools. love using them and must have them all.. =)