Sunday, September 18, 2011

Post Number Four Hundred

Stars I tell ya! Epiphany Crafts has created my favorite shape this time around. The star. It is a lovely star, the perfect size and I adore it. I had been wishing for this one to be manufactured and here she is!! This photo is Emma and her dad getting a haircut, in fact it was Emma's very first haircut and we took her to a fun little place called Pigtails and Crewcuts. They do parents as well. I love that girl's hair and wasn't sure about getting a trim for her, but they took her pretty hair and with about 7 minutes of trimming they made it gorgeous.
Close up of the fabulous stars. I made a mistake with this lay out. The top right corner with the red scrap of paper left over from punching stars. Underneath that scrap is my mistake, wish I had a photo to show you. I tried to do a few random lines of machine stitching and it just looked awful. Bad. And I fretted because the lay out was done, all was glued and I liked it before my mistake. So, the scrap was added and I am okay with it. You know how it goes.
This Epipany Crafts Shape Studio Star WILL be one of the shapes available on HSN (Home Shopping Network) later this month, in fact I think the show will be on in a week, next weekend. I will find out the details and post here and Facebook. If you have not already "friended" Epiphany Crafts on Facebook, do so now! You will have the latest product updates and there are often giveaways of these wonderful tools.
School Update...
This past Friday was a crucial day for all schools in the district, enrollment will be closely looked at and school reorganizations will soon be taking place. There is a ratio of teachers to students that they will stick to and move students and teachers as needed. I am pretty sure that primary grades will be organized at my site. This will look like closing my kinder class and moving me. There is a sub in a fifth grade class, so there is a very big chance that I will be replacing her. I would replace her before the district moves me to another school.
hope you have had a beautiful and productive weekend.
i have missed the crafty world for the past few weeks.
I am hoping to find some balance.
xoxox S

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jen said...

I can't imagine it looked bad at all! But I LOVE the end product!!! :)
And those stars are divine!!
Hope your school stuff settles without too much craziness for you!!! I think you are AMAZING for being able to do everything you are doing!!!!