Monday, August 15, 2011

Scrapping On the Go

Whenever I go out of town I like to bring a little scrapping along with me, you know , just in case! I went home to my parent's a few weeks ago and I brought along a couple of Studio Calico kits...I tend to pull supplies from several kits at a time, I think I used March-June for these layouts.
When the girls went to sleep or when they were busy in my mom's art studio, I got cracking on these. I didn't bring any photos with me so I looked through pictures from my childhood. In fourth grade my mom and I traveled to Taiwan together. It was my first time and I finally was able to meet my many aunts and uncles along with a long visit with my grandparents. I am very grateful for that experience.

Oops, ot of order, I took my Instax along and snapped a few of Emma And Lily, showing off new school clothes. Plaid dresses from Osh Kosh, they are a bit old fashioned and I love them for it. perfect for hot days now and with tights and a long sleeve tee they will work through our short winter.

I still want to add journaling this one, reflecting on this trip so long ago. I might do it right on the Smash pocket or add it to the pile behind the photo and have it be a pull out.
Last week of summer for us over here. We are going to try to pack in a ton of activities. The girls begin school next week and I begin in two weeks. I still haven't received an assignment. But really , I wasn't expecting one. The district has gone through a lot of changes and it's no surprise that they are unsure of where I should go. They recalled 100 teachers a few weeks ago, so they will return to their previous positions, what a relief to quite a few of my friends.
Right now, I have been praying for a position in a traditional schedule school, it would be so helpful to on the same schedule as my children. A year round schedule would really be a burden for us.
I am calm and know that there is a plan.
I signed up for the free workshop over at Big Picture Classes, did you?

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Toni said...

What a good idea to take your scrapbook stuff with you. Cute pages, too!