Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Great Raccoon Rescue of 2011

Took my girls to the tide pools today, I have lived here since 1993 and I have never been to the tide pools at Cabrillo National Park in Point Loma...shameful. Couldn't get them to look or really smile for the camera, even though I was threatening to never bring them back unless they smiled and looked at momma's camera. NOPE.
We explored, checked out the sea life, picked up a few sea snails. But all the excitement was right here, the cliffs right next to the tide pools.
You see, 2 raccoon youths managed to come down the cliffs and gt themselves stuck down on the rocks during low tide and high tide was back on its way.
So a few park rangers quickly organized a rescue effort, a raccoon rescue that is. This ranger went down , very close to the animals and clapped his hand and a made a big ruckus...trying to scare them up the cliff. They tried, but were obviously in distress, I could her them crying and chattering from up where I was observing.

Look at his cute mask!
This is my point of view, where I was standing.

Things started to click with the furry rascals and they began to make their way up the steep climb.
There was a quiet cheer from the onlookers as the first one emerged.
They both came up, but seem kind of confused with all the people around, so the ranger had everyone move back.
And it was a happy ending for everyone involved. These two were well on their way back to their home and momma.


Lindalou said...

That was quite an event to see, although I have to admit I don't always love raccoons.

How't the 17 Day thingy going for you? Making any progress.

Toni said...

Those poor critters! Glad they made it to safety!

Keshet said...

Very fun! Kids never cooperate with the camera when you need them to, huh?