Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dad's Day

It's Father's Day.................
and somehow my husband has slipped out the door and gone golfing. Hmm. Actually we went ahead and celebrated the day yesterday. The morning began with haircuts. Both dad and Lily got haircuts at Pigtails and Crew Cuts in Point Loma. Yep, they do adult cuts too! I noticed after poking around on their website that this is the most expensive Pigtails and Crewcuts in the country. For example a kids cut in Springfield, Missouri is $14 and here it is $20. But I suppose that makes sense...can't you get a house in Missouri for $150,00 and here that house would be half a million.
The card above was sent to my dear dad, made with love and Pebbles Inc. :-). I love the card, but the whole yellow/grey thing did not photograph well for me and I was disappointed with that.
Part of Emma's preschool curriculum was learning sight words. It was self paced and honestly I didn't push it. I think it is fine that it was a part of her class and we casually worked on it at home. She has plenty of time next year in kindergarten to get these under her belt. I pulled this list out of our puppy's mouth.

I am returning to teaching full time. Word on the street is that there will be 30 kids per class in the lower grades. The 8 years that I taught kindergarten, I had 20 students from 8 AM to 2:45 PM. Never any aides or parent volunteers! Umm...I really hope I get a first or second grade class! Not kinder!!!
Have a great day! Gotta call my pops.


Charlene said...

Hi Samantha, I think your grey and yellow looks great. Father's Day here is quiet since our kiddos are grown with kids of their own in other states.

Good luck going back to teaching.

jen said...

the yellow & grey looks great! :)
THIRTY kids? wow. I hope you have some great parent volunteers!!!
(the dog ate my sight-word list is awesome!)