Monday, April 12, 2010

Busy Body

Morning Friends, today over at the Pebbles blog, we've posted a few pretty projects featuring Pebbles Inc. ribbon spools. I used 3 of the spool colors to add interest to my lay out. Although my children aren't posed very well, I love this photo of them and my parents. The joy of being grandparents is all over my parent's faces and it's a pleasure for me to see them all together.
The center ribbon flower was made exactly the same as my video tutorial HERE.
I used an Elle's Studio Vintage Cut Out tag to journal on and I just cut it in half. Elle's Studio is starting sneaks of the new Summer lines. Look HERE for a peek!

On Saturday I took a carload of scrapping stuff to sell at the Ever After Customer Garage Sale.
The sale is on Saturday, April 17 from 8AM - 2 PM. I took a bunch of fabulous goodies....there just isn't enough time to use it all, you know? I priced my stuff super extra low, I wanted the prices to be irresistible! Last year I bought my 2nd clip it up at one of these sales for only $10-now that's a steal! While we were up there, I took the girls to the Wild Animal Park. They are having their famous Butterfly experience for just one more week and I thought the girls would love it. They did.The butterflies wouldn't land on my babes, but they kept landing on me. This is a Blue Morpho. The inside of it's wings is the most stunning shade of blue.
They pet the deer in the petting area, these gals were huge! But, so gentle and sweet.

I really had many dreamy thoughts of the photos I would take on this day. The girls frolicking through the butterfly jungle with amazingly colored butterflies landing on the shoulders of their lovely sundresses that I picked out especially for this occasion...
Nope, never works out the way we imagine, does it? The butterfly jungle was extremely crowded and I was with the girls by myself. Besides, they pretty much will not look at a camera.
What I do have is a lot of photos of the backs of their heads. Wish I had been kneeling for this next one...

Ah, well, next time, right?
See ya later.

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tina... said...

Uh, call me shallow... the blue morpho is pretty, the babes are gorgeous, but your ring PRICELESS. :P