Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Know, I Have Used These Pics Before

I never thought that I would be someone that scraps the same photo more than once, but I am! Anyone else out there? If I love a photo, I can't help myself. Oh well, now each of the girls can have their own. Pretty much all the product in this lay out is the one and only October Afternoon. The four rectangles are journaling cards. I outlined the gingham letters in black to make them stand out a little better.

Kind of random, but I thought I would show you these cute flats that I just got Emma. Target. 10 bucks. The smallest size is 12, so they won't fit her until summer. I love them so much, I am tempted to buy other sizes and store them that crazy? They are the prettiest shiniest turquoise and I wish they came in my size. Maybe I could squeeze my toes....


Beth said...

no worries, girl. I do it too. If the pic is that good, why not scrap it again! lol
and cute adorable flats for Emma! Great find!

Suzanne said...

I do scrap the same photo twice! Glad to know,I am not the only one! LOL
Love the shoes! Must grab a pair for Macie!
p.s. Yes, I am sick over not having a photo with talented YOU! ):