Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Raise Your Hand...

 Put your hand high up in the air if your children need more stuffed animals......yep, not one hand is up, just as I thought.
My wonderful big brother does not know that children never ever need more stuffed animals.  When Lily turned four last year he showed up with not one, but two gigantic stuffed pink bears.  See, he felt bad and didn't think it would be nice to give only his youngest niece a huge bear.  So he picked out two, one for each of his favorite girls.  They love those bears and they love their Uncle...he never will say no to airplane and piggyback rides.
I am a big fan of all the wood veneers offered by Studio Calico, I like how neutral they are, easy to add to just about any lay out, and the designs are fun.  I think I will add a little color to one with a marker and then cover it in glaze to make it shiny, have you tried this?

I bought a beautiful kit to make a December is still sitting in the box....I know it will not be a daily album because I don't want to document work, gym, dinner, bath, bed for half of the month , so it will highlight all of the special days of the month- beginning with this Saturday, we are going to the Girl Scout store to buy Emma's very first Daisy vest!!!!!

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