Wednesday, June 20, 2012


     It's official, the girls are now out, I am off, summer has arrived!  Let the fun begin.  Actually the fun begins by the two of them cleaning up their messy rooms!
      I took my sewing machine in yesterday and they fixed it!  I love my local store.  Yes, they do laugh at my 10 year old Brother brand machine, they encourage me to buy something else...but I am sewing on paper!  I don't need a Viking right now to do that!  I do want to learn how to make dresses, while my girls would still wear them.  So I am ready to sew my lay outs again, I 've missed my Brother!

    Why yes, those are Pink Paislee alphas from 5 or 6 years ago, I love them and still have many to use up...I am trying!  I'm certainly not tired of those butterflies, I have 2 packs I need to use up!

                                Emma at the dentist, I was proud of her...Lily didn't fair so well.
    Something simple, Lily and my in laws sweet old dog on Easter.  Ben is a 14 year old lab, the best doggy in the world.  We are saying good bye to him today.  :(

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pooky said...

Gorgeous layouts Samantha!!! Love all the little details. So sorry to hear about Ben:((