Sunday, March 11, 2012

Proud Wife Over Here

My husband and his closest friends did an awesome thing yesterday. After a few months of planning, hundreds of phone calls and endless hours, they put together a wonderful golf tournament and dinner/auction for our sweet friend Marsi. My husband has known Marsi since Kindergarten, her family still lives down the street from my in laws. When they were little, my sister in law would babysit Marsi. They went to high school together and Marsi's husband was also one of the guys from high school.
Just a couple of years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer and after treatment she was cancer free.
It's back.
And it is aggressive. It is triple negative breast cancer.
This weekend they raised $32,000 for her. The love and generosity in the room was humbling and beautiful. She is in our prayers every single day.


Susan.... said...

Hi Samantha,
Well done to your hubby for all the fund raising ! They all did a remarkable job in raising so much, no wonder you are so proud of him..Is that the girls l see in the pic,helping out at the golf course ? They are growing up so fast..l have not been getting your blog updates,so l was so pleased this morning to see your lovely blog on the my update list..Its been ages , so l will pop back a little later to have a good catch up on all your lovely projects.
susan x Malorca.Spain

Natalie Elphinstone said...

WOW that's an amazing effort to raise so much money. No wonder you're proud!
And what lovely layouts you're sharing too. I especially love that last one with all the Epiphany circles on it. Beautiful!!

Cindy said...

You have a special man there. Great job fund raising that amount, it will be helpful. I love your fabulous weekend golf layout