Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will You Be Mine?

Raise your hand if you were up late last night working on your kid's valentines....I know I am not the only crafter out there....actually, i went to bed earlier than I thought I would. I made the girls photo valentines and we put them in cellophane bags with a cute little kazoo. You know I had to slap a doiley on it before I could call it done! I would love to have added some pretty baker's twine or May Arts jute twine....but I thought that would be ridiculous and a silly way to use my time. I did use the the twine on little gifts for my colleagues at work.
I edited Lily's photo and added text, but was too lazy to find it on the computer. Can't figure out why it wasn't in the same file as Emma's (below). I added the text in Picnic and I understand they sold out to Google. I wonder if Google will have the same options that Picnic has. Is it Picnik?
I made a little project for the Epiphany Crafts Blog. I really love using my Epiphany Crafts tools and I am really excited about the new shapes coming out like the pennant! If you haven't become a reader of the Epiphany Crafts blog, I highly recommend that you do, there is a tool giveaway every day...or almost every day! Super cute projects abound by the way!
Hope you had a lovely day!
Happy Heart Day!

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