Sunday, November 13, 2011

Finding Time

I have been scrapping again. For a little bit there I was struggling with when will I ever have time for this hobby that I love? But you know what? I found it. I found it on Saturday morning, the girls get me up at the break of dawn anyway and they like to sit around in pj's and a) color
b) mess around with play dough
c) watch cartoons and eat waffles
So I have found a little bit of time to get creative without forcing myself to stay up past ummm 10 PM.
A sweet gal that I know invited me to a crop this past Friday and at the last minute I was freed up and able to go...but then I thought, the crop is until midnight! What will I do without my sleep? So I didn't go..Boo to me. Makes me feel old!

This woodgrain paper is pretty awesome. Glad I have 2 sheets of it. It is from the Crate Paper Christmas line and yeah, it is fantastic. All my scrappin is from photos of the summer still! One of the "Momma, I'm bored" projects with Emma Jane. I grabbed some felt, cut, pinned it and handed her a needle and thread. So let me tell you something that was very not smart of me. I threaded her large-ish needle with crochet thread. I thought it would be smart to use this thick thread so that she could easily see her stitches. And since it was so thick, I needed to leave the thread only pulled through a bit and not doubled over and knotted. So, I don't know every three to four minutes, her thread would come out of the needle and I would have to thread that thick string thru the eye again. And I never got smart about it! Til she was finished of course!!!
That cute journaling tag is from Shabby Chic Crafts, but I think the company is now Chic tags? Anyway, love em.
Anyone have the Canon EOS T3? I have ben reading good reviews and that it is a simple camera to use, I am interested in the simple! Don't have time for classes. Let me know if you have one, I would love to hear a mom/scrapper's/blogger's ideas on it.


Keshet said...

I could use STACKS of those woodgrain papers. Seriously. Love the layout--so glad you got in some scrappy time after all:)

Briana Johnson said...

Oh, I need that paper! Enabler :) This is such a cute page! And it's so cute to see that little girl sewing!

Theresa said...

lovely layout. glad you found some creative time. love how you did the title around the paper flower.