Monday, November 7, 2011

Catching Up~

Epiphany Crafts is blogging these days! Indeed, if you are looking for a ton of fun ideas for your Epiphany Crafts tools, you will want to check it out. I have seen jewelry ideas, cards, a cute Christmas card holder and a fun craft for older kids (owl tic tac toe). I used my much loved Epiphany Crafts Round 14 Epoxy tool. It was my very first EC tool and I still use it all the time. Can't go wrong with circles can you?
I took these photos mid summer at the Del Mar Races Family Day. We loved it, the girls got a free horse Webkin, there were pony rides, face painting and a fun place to make your own Derby Hat ( as seen on the model above). I would definitely go again next year.

Can't go wrong with pictures of a grandad and his youngest grandchild. Love taking pics of Lily and my father in law.

I broke my sewing machine. Thought I would fix a little hole in a new pair of pants and somehow, the metal button snap thingy on the pants snuck its way under my needle and well, it didn't end very well. I hope to take it in soon to my local shop but....the owner, he always laughs at me and tells me to get a real machine! He doesn't care for my $125 Brother that I picked up at Costco in 2003.
Still teaching. I have moved schools and I am now teaching second grade to inner city students. I am so tired all the time! I love the curriculum, seems so interesting compared to kindergarten! I like my grade level team, in fact I might even say that I adore them and that is very important to me since I enjoy collaborating. I have never used so much technology....I wear a microphone to teach and my voice comes out in surround sound....I finally have my own document camera and laptop, that makes teaching easier for sure. Oh and get this, in a few weeks this school will be air that is a big deal friends. BIG. I am the biggest heat wimp around...everyone knows that. I dislike all the warm weather in San Diego...
And 99% of my school district is not air conditioned. It's true! So if it is 100 degrees out, well the policy is to turn off your class lights, keep the students indoors and drink lots of water. There is no such thing as a heat day...there are no days off for extra hot weather, it is an urban legend!
So Sammy is super happy about the AC.

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