Monday, October 25, 2010

New Arrival

Nope, I did not have another baby. However, Pebbles Inc. has released the perfect baby ensemble...New Arrival. It is available in both pink and blue.
My dear Lily, brand new.
Over on the Pebbles Blog last week, we showcased New Arrival Girl. So if you are looking for ideas, fun ways to scrap your baby photos, go take a peek. I think it was my favorite week ever over at the blog. I admire every project the design team submitted. One of my favorites was this ONE by the talented Melinda Spinks.

When my babes were little, I was an expert swaddler. They loved it, I loved it. Emma was swaddled until she was 6 months old!!!! I know that sounds crazy, but she loved sleeping like a cocoon. I used the Velcro kiddopotamus swaddle blankets and she stayed wrapped up all night.

These cute little brown envelopes are also from Pebbles Inc. The 3x3 cards fit perfectly in them. I wrote a letter to Lily and put it in these. It will make a fun discovery for her one day when she is old enough to read it.

Isn't that bird a cutie? I don't think I will ever tire of birds in scrapbooking. This is my current fave from Pebbles...I love all of the embellishments. Oh! and the paper...many of the sheets are embossed and it is beautiful in person, a first for Pebbles! If you are looking for some to purchase, I heard you can buy it right HERE.
Now to keep you up to date, this week on the Pebbles blog is New Arrival Boy, I expect to see loads of lovely lay outs with lots of blue and gorgeous brown.
Thanks for coming around today. My computer has been sick and I just got it back, fingers crossed it is home for good!


sweet craf-tea chick said...

aorable LO, sam! lily is so cute :). love the doily-like elements and the super cute birdie!! those pockets are wonderful, love how you embellished them. thanks for sharing and have a fabulous week!! glad your computer is feeling better! *hugs* steph :)

Lexi said...

all this pink is foreign to me, but SO SWEET! She is just as beautiful then as now. Your layout is so pretty in pink and I love the little envelopes on the bottom!

laterg8r said...

such a sweet lo - love the embellied envies :D

jen said...

so sweet.... :)