Monday, August 30, 2010

DIY Cute Shirts for Kids With My SLICE

One of my dearest friends has 2 sweet little girls and they are very close in age. In fact her eldest and Emma are only 7 days apart. Bella should have been 2 months older than Emma, but Emma had a different plan and was born 2 months she is actually older.
Bella's lil' sister Caleigh just celebrated her third birthday and I decided to try out my Slice and the Slice fusible webbing.
I followed the directions on the Slice webbing package. I think I paid $5 or $6 for the pack of 4 sheets from Michaels. They have been on sale lately. Each sheet is 12x12 and I used an entire sheet for this project. With my Purple Cows 2 in 1 trimmer I used the guillotine and cut the sheet into four 6x6 squares. I ironed my squares to the wrong side of each piece of fabric.

I did change out my Slice blade. I didn't want to find out the hard way if the current blade was sharp enough so I was proactive and just did it. I cut the fabric with the correct side of the fabric facing up. It truly cut like a dream. I think I read on a forum...somewhere... that the Slice webbing really works best....maybe the other brands are too thick?

The trickiest part was peeling the paper backing off my cut fabric. I was very careful and worked it from all sides, I didn't want to deform my letters or circles and I didn't want the edges to fray. I ironed the shapes to the shirts and made some quick stitches around the perimeter of all the shapes. I don't think the design would last long without some kind of stitching to keep it all in place. I should add that I washed all garments and fabric before beginning this project.

Honestly, I love the results. I can't wait to make some shirts for my girls. I think there are also great Slice designs for boys as well. I plan on cutting out some butterflies for a shirt that Emma has to hide a few spaghetti stains.

Soooooo, I gave Caleigh her gift a few days before her big party. I thought it would be fun for us to see her open it and I thought she might be overwhelmed by all her gifts and attention from her special party that included the real live Princess Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty.
Yeaaaaah, upon seeing the shirts Miss C burst into tears and was so sad that the package did not include a beloved bahbie cah (barbie car). My friend was mortified and I couldn't stop laughing. Trust me, Caleigh is a wonderful little girl that I adore and a lesson was learned.
3 year olds want toys. I get it.


MeganBijan said...

HA HA HA!!!! I loooove the shirts and now you've taught me how I can make my own!! Geeesh, still mortified that Caleigh reacted that way.

(mommy to the unappreciative 3 year old)

jen said...

TOO FUNNY!!! Great that you had a sense of humor about it- 3 yr olds are painfully honest, aren't they?!
LOVE these shirts- I don't have the slice- I have a cricut & have been meaning to try this out on that- I've done it with dies & loved the result....

Suzanne said...

So funny!!!!!! Love your cute shirts!!!! Now, can you make one for my sweet daughter??? LOL

Nancy said...

What is 'Slice'? I love doing appliques with fusible webbing. I Love how your Applique turned out!!

tiNa said...

These are awesome! I ♥ them!