Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hurry, look, a couple of pictures of my girls in the same photograph...
sure doesn't happen often. They like each other, but they have zero interest in sitting still for one quick little photo. So, I am very grateful for these.
These pretty paper are from the new line Delovely from Cosmo Cricket. I am in love with the bright- happy colors, wish my camera would do a better job with them. Seems like a lot of photos are washed out lately. Arghh.

Looked at the calender today. Did you know that tomorrow is the last day of June? What? What happened to June? Anyone?


Rhonda Miller said...

Those are some cute pictures of your girls. I know what you mean about getting them to sit long enough for a picture.

I love your card.

Lexi said...

My boys never sit still long enough independently..let alone in a photo together! You need to blow that one up and frame it!! They look so cute and I adore the cards friend!

sweet craf-tea chick said...

your daughters are just precious, sam!
your birdie card is adorable! i love the fun, cheerful colors and that birdie is too cute! thanks for sharing :)! have a great nite! *hugs* steph :)

Beth said...

aww what adorable and pretty cards!