Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm Not Ready for Father's Day are You?

Soooooooooooo, I am still trying to figure out what special thing we can do for my husband this Sunday. Any ideas would be welcomed here! I do have his card finished. I made it with my Pebbles Inc supplies and as you can see I used a photo to give it a personal touch. In this pic Emma is making the usual silly face. This is how all my posed photos of her come out. Doesn't she understand that I take this scrapbooking seriously....I need something besides that tongue wagging out! :)
The lay out in the middle is Miss Lily, she loves baby dolls and I love watching her cuddle them, feed them and pretend she is a mommy-never was something Emma liked to do, she had her nose buried in a book or was at the table coloring or doing puzzles. I used the pretty May Bouquet line from Pebbles Inc.
A simple card for the Pebbles Inc. blog, I used the new 3x3 cards for this sentiment. Have you seen the 12x12 sheet with all the perforated cards? Love em. You can see them right HERE.

Okay, if you have any father's day plan, let me hear them please!!


TeenaBugg38 said...

I love that card!!! I haven't even started on the fathers day gift yet....aren't I terrible? I am thinking either altered frame with photo of the kids or making a photo cube....or maybe altering some of those magnetic mini photo frames for his work area downstairs.....other than tht I have no clue.....Im no help huh? LOL

Suzanne said...

This card turned out really great! I am with you, and need to come up with a Father's Day plan! Like today! LOL
Hope you are having fun! Hugs

Kryssi said...

the card and LO are both adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

Wonderful blog with fabolous works!! =) Welcome and visit my blog.

Hugs Ulrica

Rein said...

Lovely art work!