Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Will Power

I will not go to Target and have a Liberty of London shopping spree. I will not go to Target and have a Liberty of London shopping Spree. I won't do it I will not go. Be strong.

I did not have a shopping spree, I simply can't afford to. But I did go.........and I did buy myself this sweet wallet. And I adore the way it feels in my hands. And I love the aqua zipper and stripe detail and really it was only $14.99. It makes me so happy. I also bought one little ol' dress for Emma, I will take her picture in it so that I can show you
I am lucky to be in the designer spotlight over at Elle's Studio today! I answered some fun questions about my scrapbooking tastes, you can read about it HERE. Don't forget that Elle's Studio has Birthday specials this month, so if you ever wanted to order, this really is the perfect time.
The Purple Cows blog has gone through some big changes lately thanks to my friend Paula and new staffer Jami. I have a St. Patty's card over there just for you.
Yesterday I spied a lizard in my house it was on one of my storage containers in my craft play room. I freaked and couldn't see it anymore. My husband kind of sort of looked but not really. Today, the carpet cleaner I had over found it, put it in a box and took it outside and put it in the neighbor's yard. I gave him a nice tip.


Heidi Stork said...

I would have tipped him even MORE to just kill it! EEEeeek! Or at least take it further away from your house. :) Glad to hear it's gone for good!

If that had been my house there would have been lots of screaming and freaking me of course...the kids would have thought it was cool! Ugh.

Linda Beeson said...

It is too funny to read you post today about Target because I have two daughters who have been going crazy over this stuff! Evidently it is going fast in all T's!

tina... said...

ROFL you have more self control than I do, Samantha. I think I know where part of our tax return is going ;D

Kelly S. said...

Target, wallets, and lizards, OH MY! This was not the post I expected when I visited, hee! LOVE that wallet, though, and I neeeed one!