Thursday, December 3, 2009

Here's What I Do...

Nine years ago, I began saving the photo Christmas cards that friends and family sent during the holidays. You see, the hoarder, saver/scrapbooker in me was filled with guilt when the Christmas decorations came down and the lovely cards were thrown in the trash.

My sweet friend Michelle keeps her cards in an album and that gave me the idea to save my cards in a scrapbook. Shown here is my second album. The first album is full of cards from 2000-2005. I begin each new year of cards with the card that we sent. Last year's card is below. I used Maya Road Scalloped Circle chipboard coaster books, painted them sanded them and added a bow. They double as Ornaments and yes I have another saved for our tree. I make between 80 and 100 each year, now that I am spending a lot of time scrapping and crafting I will be making a simpler card to send out that doesn't require extra postage.
I keep the card albums stored with our decorations and we really enjoy looking at them each year, fun to see how quickly our friends' children grow over a year. If there is not a note of who the family is on the front of the card, I just jot it down right into the album. It is an old school scrapbook with thick paper pages.

I want to be able to use each album for many years so sometimes I layer the cards. Emma loves looking through the books. She enjoys seeing her little friends when they were wee babes. This year I will let Emma glue the cards into the album, one day it will be her job!
I am curious, do you save your cards?

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JustYolie said...

Wonderful idea! My sister recyles the cards, without photos. She will trim the front and include them gift bags and the sayings in the cards too.

laterg8r said...

i've kept all the pics but not all the cards (only the handmade ones) :D

i have no organizational system for these but this is a great idea :D

Lexi said...

And bow I feel terribly guilty for always throwing them out ;D yikes!!!

Brenda said...

ohhhh what an awesome idea! I save mine and now I will be pulling them out of my box and grab my BIA!!! Thank you for the inspiration!

Jennifer said...

What a great idea! I have several years worth in a shoebox and now I know what to do with them! Thanks for the inspiration!