Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some Especially Fun and Fabulous News

A summer dream come true!
My little mini album full of photos of sweet Emma and Lily was selected as the Maya Road Overall Winner!! This is the fun recipe card that owners Caroline and Deb made that is available as a download right HERE.
Honestly, I think I lost my breath when I found out that I won! I am in some wonderful company. My friend Lexi of Freehand Scraps is a winner and so is my Purple Cows team mate Jing Jing!
By now, you must know that I love Maya Road and you know that I use a ton of their product in my projects, so it will be very exciting when I receive my prize!! A big ol' box of Maya Road is heading my way, hopefully soon. Don't worry I like to share!

You can see the rest of this album right HERE


Lexi said...

You know I'm happy for you friend! SO glad we got to share our winning experience together!!

tina said...

yay!!! congrats!

Linda Beeson said...

Big congrats to you - what an amazing project. It is hard to beat Maya Road for some serious goodness.

kristie sessions said...

Congrats!!! It looks so sweet and fun!

laterg8r said...

super congrats - that book is awesome :D

Katie Watson said...

So proud of you!! Love the album and think the models are just cuties!!

I nominated you for a blog award...if you have time to play, then bring it on!


BabyBokChoy said...

Not only do you win, you get Katie Watson to nominate you for an award, wow, that's just too good! LOL. congrats again, oh my gosh, think of all the goodies you will have, that's going to be sooooooooo awesome! hee hee

Beth Perry said...

awww congrats, babe!! That is soo awesome! You deserve it! And that is still one of my fave albums from you!
So cool that you know Sarah/Callie! I love her in the show...she is very talented.
Do you watch?
Have a great Thursday!

Stephanie said...

Congrats! Your mini is a work of art and absolutely stunning! Have fun with your goodies!