Saturday, September 19, 2009

She is Such a Winner...of Pink Persimmon, Baby!

Thank you for the great response! I really enjoyed reading your comments and finding out what stamps make you happy. What a joy it is to take on new readers too, thank you and welcome! I did not calculate, but on this blog the "Banners" were the favorite followed by "Little Red Wagon". I just finished a Halloween project using both those sets that I will share with you next month. Yes, a winner has been chosen. First I wanted to share with you the very scientific way that it was done as governed by the Crafters of America Union. I printed out all 127 comments and numbered them, some comments received more than one number because the commenter also added themselves as a follower and/or added a link to their blog. So there were some commenters that had 3 entries into the drawing. I also scratched out at least one comment, it was from a fellow creative team member. So that means I had exactly 150 entries. I used to generate a number and it picked number 101. Incidentally, #101 was also #100, she had two entries since she became a blog follower.
And the winner of the Pink Persimmon stamps goes to...
Sasha said...
I have to admit that I'd never heard of Pink Persimmon stamps before. But, I'm sure glad that I have now! I adore the banner set large and small! I also added myself as a follower - I'm so glad you posted on SC or I never would have found your lovely blog. Your projects are just beautiful!Thanks!
September 17, 2009 5:54 AM
Thank you Sasha, please email me at www. samandsib @ hotmail . com

Lexie sent me those fun little flags.

One of my best photos of the summer, Emma and her cousins. She is so in love with them.


laterg8r said...

congrats sasha! :D

Beth Perry said...

Congrats, Sasha!
And loving those flags!! Cute layout!
hope you are having a great weekend!

Sasha said...

Thank you! Thank you! So very excited about this!
I am loving they layouts too!