Monday, August 24, 2009

A Very Simple Way to Color

When it comes to stamping, I don't do a lot of coloring. I stamp on patterned paper and cut. However there are some stamps that have to be colored to truly enjoy their beauty. I thought I would show you a quick and easy way to acheive this. Here are the supplies that I used. that is a water brush pen, you can fill it up with water. They can be found in your arts and crafts stores. Stamp your image with dye ink, I like to stamp a few in case I make a smudge or want to make an extra card.

Color in with the watercolor pencil, use light strokes, unless you want a lot of pigment.

Go over your coloring with the water brush. Make sure the bristles are just a bit damp, not dripping wet or dry.

Repeat with another color.

You can also use the water brush directly on the pencil. Just swipe the brush over the color and apply to image.

Between colors you should always wipe your water brush off to clean off the pigment. I think a paper towel works best.

See, I told you this would be easy. If you have any questions please ask. If this tutorial was helpful, please let me know, should I do more?


Suzanne said...

Loved the tutorial! Reminds me I need to do this! Thanks for the inspiration, and yes, definitely do more!

Beth Perry said...

I am loving this idea! TFS, sweets!

laterg8r said...

great tutorial, i need to do this more often :D

Lexi said...

Great idea...have had a pack of watercolored pencils forever and was never sure the best way to use them! Combing with stamps is perfect! You certainly do rock the stamping girlie!! :D

Mª Jesús said...

Qué bonito!