Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Very First Freehand Scraps Sneaks!

It's sneaks time over at Freehand Scraps. I've had my August kit for over a week and I have put together 6 projects to share on the Freehand Scraps gallery. Well, I guess it could be just 5 projects, depends if you count a double layout as one or two. Plenty of paper and goodies in this pretty kit and I will probably make one more layout on Friday. I am the kind of girl that likes to use up the entire kit...'til there is really nothing left but a few strips of paper that could maybe survive a pass through a Martha Stewart punch. Heidi has posted a sneak on her blog HERE .

Pasture News...over on the Purple Cows blog there are a couple of new posts for you to check out. First, a laundry room make over with the fun I Cubes. Okay, I do not know who made the mess...but the I cubes transformed the place. There is also a creative invite that is fun for summer parties.


Lexi said...

Yea for sneaks! I'll prob post mine this weekend and I'll link you up! Very fun!

Beth Perry said...

the sneaks look killer!

Heidi Stork said...

Love the Freehand Scraps looove. Sneaks look grrrreat!!