Sunday, June 7, 2009

One Little Word

I have been eyeing this challenge site for a little while now. The design team is fabulous and I really like the concept of taking a word and scrapbooking about it, it is always interesting to see how others interpret a word and it's meaning. This week's word over at One Little Word is Yes.

In April 1999, David and I took a trip up the coast, we stopped off at my parents for a night, went to Hearst Castle and stayed a couple nights in San Francisco with one of David's college friends and his lovely wife. The first night we we went to an amazing restaurant on the waterfront, kind of fancy to me~ Rob had to give his credit card # over the phone for the reservation, I guess they would charge you if you decided not to show up. Anyway, it was a romantic dinner and Rob kept trying to get me next to look out at the view or sit next to him and I wanted to be by Rob and his wife so that I could chat with them~Rob is a Dr. and was working on his residency at the time and I thought his stories were great. Anyway, the next day we walked around the Presidio and then over to the Golden Gate bridge and it was there that he proposed to me. We were all standing on the bridge, tons of car traffic zooming by, people everywhere and I was trying to get some photos of the sailboats sailing by, Tiburon in the distance , etc. As I was trying to set up a shot with David and a boat in the background, he asked, "Samantha, will you marry me?" Okay, so I thought he meant someday I didn't realize what he was doing ....Rob's wife grabbed my camara and I started to clue in to what was going on....I think it might have helped if he had been on bended knee, but he wasn't. Anyway, I said yes!! and we were married one year later.


Marie said...

How sweet! This is one of the things I love about the blogging world..not only did you share your beautiful artwork, you shared your story. Love it.
Marie with a :-)
PS That means you just celebrated ten years...hurray!

Robin Gibson said...

This is not only a Beautiful story, but a great project! I love that site too! I haven't participated, but SO want too! (need more time!). What a great way to document an important event!

Lynn said...

Love the story and Love the project!

Sandra said...

What a great layout and a great story.

Rbarakat said...

Awww! great story and your work is beautiful!