Monday, February 16, 2009

First Ears

I really hoped that Emma would want a pair of ears. We went to Disneyland for her very first time and it was adorable, she loved it. Upon seeing these pink "princess" ears, she knew what she wanted. I was hoping for a more traditional pair, but she had already made up her mind-pink ears only. She was entranced with the Emporium's display windows on Main St., USA-here she is checking one out-notice the princess in the window.

For this simple layout I stitched the blossoms, one is from ribbon, one is seam binding and the pink one is my very first yo yo. I didn't know how to make a yo yo so I just googled "how to make a yo yo"! Which by the way, you can google just about any "how to" and get a tutorial. I didn't know that!


LORI said...

Wow Too CUTE!!

nun said...

I just cannot find a right wording to describe this card. A little girl's first trip to Disneyland, wearing a pink Micky "princess" hat with big pink ears that looking into the window. It makes me wonder what is in her mind at the time. You caught that magical moment, and you incorporated it with colorful ribbons, flowers, and the buttons, that all lead to that litttle girl. And the "Title",What a beautiful imagination you have. Very creative!!