Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blogger Woes

Is it just me? 4 out 5 times that I try to upload photos here on blogger, I can booted off the internet and I have to restart my computer or wait for 15 minutes for my internet to reconnect. Anyone else out there that this happens to?
Another frustration I have is every once in a while, tonight, my photo will upload and turn itself clockwise. I have no idea how to fix this, my solution? I retake the whole photo, upload to my computer and then try to upload to my blog. If you know a better way please shout it over here. Mojomonday is another fun blog that has weekly sketches to challenge card makers. Here is my very first card with them. I do like these card challenges, 1)I am getting cards made and stashed for later 2) making cards based on sketches reminds of doing a jigsaw puzzle which I actually like to do.
K and co paper, Sasafrass Lass stamps, cardstock and ink from Close to My Heart


queenie said...

wowwowwow,you have been soooooo busy,love all your latest makes,"gorgeous".
What a great idea to use the fancy pants packaging a well,love what you have done.

nun said...

Nice work on your project. I love it!! Keep up with your great work!!!